Psychotherapy & Home

                               ‘The words we speak become the house we live in’                                                                                                                  Hafiz (2003) Within the field of Psychotherapy, there is surprisingly little literature, that seeks to describe multiple perceptions of Home and it’s potential meaning. In its peppered and difficult to find scattering the mainstream Psychotherapy community is considering the undeniable need forContinue reading “Psychotherapy & Home”

Anxiety & Depression Thought of The Day

Depression and Anxiety Tip of the Day: The following are some of the groups of people that report significantly less episodes of low-mood and anxiety, as well as their recovery from periods of distress being significantly quicker. > Gardeners and Foresters > Ramblers, Hikers and Walkers > Animal Welfare & Equine Enthusiasts > Nature LoversContinue reading “Anxiety & Depression Thought of The Day”