Anxiety & Depression Thought of The Day

Depression and Anxiety Tip of the Day:

The following are some of the groups of people that report significantly less episodes of low-mood and anxiety, as well as their recovery from periods of distress being significantly quicker.

> Gardeners and Foresters

> Ramblers, Hikers and Walkers

> Animal Welfare & Equine Enthusiasts

> Nature Lovers

> Swimmers

> A diet that is natural with very little processed foods

Notice a theme?

# A connection with nature 🐝

# A connection with the earth 🌍

# A life of permaculture 🌾

# An active in nature, peaceful in mind 🧗🏼‍♀️

# The use of natural fuel 🥑

Behaviour that places a higher value on the natural world over the man-made world promotes a reliable stabilisation of brain and body chemistry that medicine is failing to achieve.

Help people re-design their lives before they re-design their brain chemistry. Loved ones, struggling through low-mood and anxiety need us to help them have a more profound participation in a natural way of life.

This post is not meant to say there is no place for medication, because there is. It is supporting the idea that in many cases of depression and anxiety the focus on what requires ‘fixing’ and ‘changing’ is the disconnection from a far more natural way of life. Our 40 hours in the factory and a retreat to our little square boxes are often soul destroying if you cannot feel a purpose.

Depression by it’s very nature is an existential vacuum where purpose and meaning have disappeared. Nature offers us an opportunity to reconnect with a system that feels congruent and makes sense to the human creature and its growing list of anxiety.

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